@satchmoz @maiki I like the federation superhero rather than black hat supervillain route myself

@cwebber @satchmoz

Chris, you mean the supervillian route *you* proposed! 😜

@maiki @satchmoz Haha, yes, I did just propose it, condemn it, and also condemn the middle ground superhero approach too didn't I

@cwebber @satchmoz My concern is that moving everyone on to one server is all kinds of difficult.

I wish there was a way to get the message out to AIM users, something like, "hey, do you have 20 friends you chat with? Let's spin ya'll up a Prosody server!"

I can't really say anything else about AIM, because I am like the only person that uses jabber that also doesn't use a different chat system. ^_^

@satchmoz @cwebber Here's my 50 State Initiative Tony Stark plan: get a domain with "aimhigher" in it, and give out sub-domains to groups of folks.

Each group will get their own segregated hardware, and will have the choice to recruit locally, but can't engage villain groups unless they... wait, what were we talking about?


@cwebber @satchmoz it is worth mentioning that I talk to both you on jabber, but only when I am not near my laptop, because I could just ping you here. is my jam, but a lot of what I get from jabber I get from Mastodon.

So maybe we ought to make a guide showing a variety of federated protocols to move to...

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