@satchmoz I make a note for lurch as well, but a couple of points from my Dino note apply (

1. I prefer to use packaged software.
2. There are a lot of caveats and warnings for that and the related carbons plugin.

If it were just me and my free computing peeps I'd be all over it. But I am looking for something that a new user can install (meaning simple instructions, or an "app store" option).

I haven't found a solution among those listed at 😩

@satchmoz a lot of my issues will be solved with Ubuntu 18.04, because a lot of these apps work with 17.x.

I could be more flexible, but I am obligated to recommend a stable system, and LTS is my go to for that.

But I am still working in a void. Another blindspot for me is iOS support. So far I've found a single app, but it reportedly drains the battery, and given the platform, I don't see that getting fixed any time soon...

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