Good afternoon and the wider ! So yeah, email troubles since I would have to delete my email address(and make a new one in it's place) and I just can't do that yet. So I joined Protonmail after hearing about it on here and stuff. Rather impressive, I must say. As far as switching to it as my main email, still can't do such a thing just yet.

@fuuko I've been following along on yer journey, here and on gopher, but remind me what the goal is again? I spend a lot of time setting up email (and we discuss email a lot: ^_^

@maiki Heya! Thanks for following me on my journey! Glad to have ya aboard! As far as the email thing goes, I'm just trying to de-google-fy my life because I feel I rely on them too much, and I feel like they have too much power over everything in this age. I use their email, calendar, maps, search, and countless other apps tied to their ecosystem. I'm still trying to come up with a mission statement and "manifesto" as to what I want to see the future of the web and the net be, tho.

@fuuko you had mentioned Thunderbird, but ProtonMail won't work with it. Was that a requirement for ya?

@maiki Right now it's not a requirement, but later in the future as I'm able to organize my email better I might require it to be. Yeah, still a lot of work to do before I can say anything with certainty. I want to get any mail that goes directly to my gmail to go my protonmail at least for now. As for the other mail, I might redirect that to Thunderbird(I have multiple email addresses from my ISP, Comcast, that I made like a decade ago). Yup, it's a mess!


@fuuko for folks that solely use a web interface to check their mail, I recommend . For folks that use local clients (, , etc.), I suggest , or to investigate the mail offerings of their domain registar. For instance, I think both and have decent spam filtering, and no severe outages or anything.

I "require" mutt, and I delete mail rather than archive it, so spam and filtering is the most important for me. works when I need it. ^_^

@maiki @fuuko perhaps late to this party, but I use both and . DreamHost's mail service is actually quite good, their spam handling though has improved from before (they did an upgrade recently). For ProtonMail, if you use a premium account their Bridge software allows you to use IMAP/SMTP with a client like . See :

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