So I'm firmly in the grip of google, comcast and apple. It was, sadly, a willful decision on my part at the time. I suppose I could pay SDF for the MetaArray(I plan to eventually anyway) and get my own Next/OwnCloud instance, but I don't know if everything can replaced with those DIY cloud services.


@fuuko I don't use any of those. It is fairly straightforward, especially if you have the will to do it.

We ought to update it, but Blaise (I think @balleyne) has a Dogooglefying series:

Name a feature or app thing, I'll let you know what's out there (if I know!). ^_^

@maiki Looks like they have the majority of what I need in that link. For me it's mainly email and calendar. Online storage is nice too, particularly if encrypted, because sometimes in google drive I like to put up my past school work, creative ideas and the like. Also backups for websites and so on and so forth. Contacts, yup, need those too. Maps? Not so much.

@fuuko I use for most of those. All my personal stuff. (I provide web hosting as a service, so my web backup game is dope, and not useful here ^_^)

I don't encrypt my files in Nextcloud, because they are honestly not important enough to do so. Anything I don't want people knowing, I keep encrypted on multiple local drives.

The majority of non-media files (most of my home directory is photos and music, of course) is in ~/projects, of which nearly everything is a git repo.

@fuuko I will say this about Nextcloud, it is amazing to use for work or with friends. Someone sent me a file today, after I gave them the link to their folder on my computer. I knew they had uploaded after my computer synced up and told me.

Despite all the money and permissions and scaling and blah blah blah, Google Docs or Dropbox just don't have the simplicity provides.

Of course, that depends on if you install/host it yourself. ^_^

@maiki @fuuko: yes, that series on my blog covered my transition, though it's a bit old. I've moved almost everything to Nextcloud -- calendaring, contacts, RSS, etc... I'm a huge fan. Happy to answer any questions!

@balleyne @fuuko same here, Nextcloud for most things, though I do use for RSS. newsbeuter syncs with it, and the Android app for NewsBlur is pretty nice, but mostly I like paying Sam, cool peep building cool free software. ^_^

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