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has anyone who lives in the world of fandom ever argued over whether one of either star trek or star wars is superior to the other? i have seen the notion frequently in mainstream portrayal of audiovisual enthusiasts e.g. nerds/geeks but never in real life. i’ll assume it never happens or either i am lucky enough to have friends like y’all fellow SDFers among whom such a topic would be nonsense.

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@nydel I think all my conversations have been nitpicking on the differences between them, while discussing how no one with a passing acquaintance could possibly compare them as equals (meaning apples and oranges). And most people I know that like one like the other (or hate them, because they are *really* into hard sci-fi).

I think Venn overlap of mainstream and fandom where this argument happens is the devil and angel on JJ Abrams shoulders. ^_^

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@maiki i hadn’t considered that the two franchise titles begin with the word “star” ... that’s the whole thing, isn’t it. the general public is so much more dumb than i am ever able to initially presume.

“today on mashable-or-whatever we discuss the citizen kane vs. upright citizens brigade controversy that tv/film students must be immersed in we presume” would have prompted me to ask a very similar question with little-if-any more confusion.

&& we need abram’s member berries.