Messing around with my xmpp server. Well I now can send pictures through it so that is a thing. Videos and other files are a bust


@notptr are you setting up HTTP file upload proxy ()? I run prosody with several modules installed, so ping me at (email or ) if you want to test anything. ^_^

Sparse notes on setting up :

@maiki I'm using the same server. I fot the module in place but it works for pictures but not video. Though it might be because I'm sending stuff between two different clients with the same account

@notptr yeah, clients can do the heavy lifting for small files or images, if both clients are connected at the same time.

I use jabber instead of SMS for my tribe, and Conversations for everyone goes a long way, but I'd like to get HTTP file uploads working. I stepped away because it involved some extra component in Prosody, me thinks. Like the built-in web server? Gah, I should have kept better notes! ^_^

@maiki yeah it does needs the built in webserver. The server is behind a firewall at the moment and I can't ssh into it just yet.

@maiki https_ports = { 5281 }
https_insterface = { "*" }
https_ssl = {
key = "/usr/local/etc/prosody/certs/";
certificate = "/usr/local/etc/prosody/certs/";
http_upload_path = "/var/prosody/files"

Here is how I got the http_upload to work. Just enable the http and http_upload modules and you should be good.

I also sent you a ping on jabber. Just to check to see if my server is still federated

@notptr coolio! I think I remembered why I didn't do that, having to do with my cert. I am not sure if I need the cert in place for the server, or if I can use one for the server URL (

The cert for my main domain is handled by the firewall of the host, while my jabber server is in a datacenter, elsewhere.

I haven't spent any time researching how to get around that. ^_^

@maiki I see. I don't know. I'm hosting my own stuff.

@notptr OMG, I just noticed the cert I've been using for jabber has seven years left! I am totally gonna set up HTTP file upload!

@notptr if, in 7 years, we haven't figured out how to share certs between hosts, I will just do something else for my server. ^_^

@maiki xmpp is saying my cert is self signed but it is the excat copy for my website and firefox doesn't say it is self signed so I don't know

@notptr maybe config pointing at an example cert?

Also, those XMPP check sites will test your certs as well.

@maiki It is using my certs. you can see the test it is using my ssl certs. It is saying it can't get the local issue cert or unable to verfiy the first cert

@maiki well i figured it out. I just needed to chain my crt file with my ca-bundle file

@notptr I didn't get a message from ya.

You can check it at, but apparently that service is being rebuilt, and they link to

@maiki I just notice I had one of the ports closed. I got that fixed

@maiki yeah that was the last thing I did before I went to bed. I spent too much time solving it and ended up going to bed late.

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