Last week my son and I took my old TV to the recycling centre and today I cancelled my TV licence. I have not watched TV since 2013, but rather stupidly it took me 4 years to do these two things. Still, it's done now :-)

@perloid congrats!

Where do you live? Do I have a TV license I need to cancel? What is that?

@maiki Scotland (UK). We have to pay an annual licence fee to receive the BBC channels since the BBC is non-commercial (no advertisements) and that's their income. Problem is their output is now largely junk - in my opinion anyway


@perloid Oh, thanks for the info! The junk-content aside, that is a fascinating business model.

To the internet: was there ever a TV license boycott concerning Doctor Who? It feels like viewers should have more input for a show running for 50 years.

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