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maiki @maiki

Does anyone use GNU/Linux? I know is a great project, and they have awesome docs for everything, but I am not aware of the superficial differences between Arch-based and or -based, or how those make it into Parabola.

I don't avoid it because of this, it is just that I do a pretty decent job of installing the warez I want.

Is there a default WM in Parabola?

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@maiki I dont use it. But Parabola IS Arch with all the proprietary bits removed, and the Linux Libre kernel by default I believe. It should have crazy high package overlap with Arch.

Reading a review of at, and realized that I don't actually know if my kernel in loads code for which there is no source. And I am sure that my has some binary driver blob fuckery going on.

Ah damn, is blacklisted from . I use as part of my dev setup, so that could be a deal breaker for me...

I really ought to look into VirtualBox and figure out where that lands, freedom-wise, and what the alternatives are for .

@maiki Keep in mind too, that if your looking at Parabola for the EOMA68-A20 the A20 model isn't going to be TOO beefy either. Its going to be about on par with a low powered netbook in the horsepower department.

Subsequent generations of the EOMA68 line will be more powerful. Their is allready chatter about a beefier Rockchip based card immediately following the Allwinner based run.

My point being is that if you need virtualization the Gen-1 card may not be well suited for you.

@satchmoz I wasn't thinking of virtualization on EOMA68, just noticed that in the review.

Honestly, I want a dinky little machine to run in CLI only. That is what I wanted a PocketCHIP for, just a little terminal machine. I like the portability and simplicity, and I am also a demon with ssh. But I can never justify a $50+ expense for something like that.

I mean, I am sure I could install a terminal app on my mobile, but I don't...

@satchmoz I like the idea of EOMA68 as a modular computer! I'd love to have one of those docks setup in office mode, but then print out a tiny little holder for computing on the go. It is my level of hardware hacking. ^_^

@maiki Im in the same boat. The problem being is terminal apps on Android with software keyboards suck in my experience.

I can get pretty far with Termux + Android Tablet w/ a bluetooth keyboard. But if you dont have a table or desk, it's a poor solution.

@maiki That being said nothing stops you from getting an EOMA68-A20 and putting a less freedom preserving distro on it. I believe ive got one with Devuan coming to me.

(Though I plan on switching off of it fairly quickly).