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maiki @maiki

I had thought the was a machine, but it looks like it is a full hackable mini portable computer!

What are the hurt points? I am fine with physical limitations (storage/memory), but what about binary blobs or other anti-freedom mechanisms?

Because I'll be honest, that is the coolest piece of tech for me right now. But I just can't support crap if it is there.

@maiki has binary blobs, there is chatter about liberation attempts on the eoma68 mailing list on occasion.

@maiki I think it's also pinned to a previous Debian release because of their custom kernel.

@maiki I hate the built-in keyboard. Love everything else.

@maiki pocketCHIP is dope! A co-worker got one. The keyboard is weird, but alright for short messages.

@maiki Assuming it was totally libre in every respect...what would you do with it? I'm kind of torn between thinking it's neat and wanting to buy one, and being profusely aware that there is a very high probability it will be a fun toy for the first few months but eventually end up rarely used (the same thing happened to me with an eeePC 701 about 10 years ago).

@solderpunk I use , but aside from web browsers for web dev, all my apps are CLI. Also, I have a 6 year old. I am sure I would find a use for it. ^_^

@solderpunk, @satchmoz mentioned non-free firmware, but discussions around freeing it.

I'd have to look into that more. But I am leaning against. Tired of freedom promises. I've never understood why that happens.