Tell me you favorite magic system you’ve used or seen in a tabletop role-playing game, and a cool story about it.

This is research, please boost. Also, if you respond here or elsewhere, let me know and I will link in the thread.

@maiki I really liked the idea of “drain” from Shadowrun. No points. No memorizing. You just wear yourself the heck out.

Cool story: the party’s mage carried two guns in his belt that weren’t loaded because it just seemed like the thing everyone was doing.

@maiki This is obscure, but simple: the WyRM system.

PCs with a Mage attr > 1 can find or buy spells. These spells must first be transferred
to a PC's personal spell book before use. To cast a spell, make a roll versus the DL of
the spell. If successful, your mana pool is reduced by the amount listed for the spell.

It's as simple as that.

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