Folks, you don't need to know to use , anymore than you need to know to use .

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@maiki haha my sarcastic brain with feels about past WordPress headaches wanted to be like "So, absolutely you need to know golang then?" It's not so true now that WordPress is a lot more polished, but a while ago...

@zoetropeexplosn I'm fine engaging with sarcasm!

I think most folks, even self-hosters, don't actually deal with PHP in WP. And even if they do, it is often template tags, which, is that really PHP?

I don't know PHP, but I've made themes and plugins from scratch. So I guess that is my POV. Also, I know even less Go. ^_^

@maiki My experience is that knowing Go _templates_ has made Hugo much more usable for me. I know them because I wrote a lot of Go, but it's not necessary to know the programming language itself to know the templates.

So, yeah, pretty much exactly as with PHP in WP.

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