Hi #XMPP users.

I run three different #OMEMO clients in parallel (#Gajim, #Conversations and #ChatSecure) with one and the same JID (#Jabber ID).
I have the impression that I am messing it up.

What's the expected behavior?

Any recommendations?


@tobomir I might be able to assist, but I think it is for you to explain the expected behavior, and to work back from there. What is it you wanted with , and what is it doing?

I use many clients and OMEMO.

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@tobomir Your conversation partners will need to accept the keys for each of your devices. This is generally a lot smoother once you've established which devices you use.

Also, make sure your messages work between devices without OMEMO.

You can test with me: maiki@interi.org. I debug this all the time. ^_^

Thank you. I will xmpp you if I can't resolve the possible key issue on the counterpart device this weekend. The thing is, that I don't always carry both the private (Conversations on Android) and business phone (iOS with ChatSecure+ZOM) with me. If someone is jabbering me, the msg arrives on the wrong dev, if both are online. Yes, sometimes I forget to turn off ;-)
The other issue that ChatSecure is notifying even if no new messages arrived is minor.

@tobomir ChatSecure is always getting better, but the project has to do back flips to be a useful chat client on iOS. But... my clients sync messages to each other, so it may be a MAM issue (XEP-0313).

@maiki @tobomir

i would consider conversations to be the reference point. IMHO its the most bugfree XMPP client we currently have.

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