Folks, please , this is a : we need masks in / . Nearly everyone I know needs one, and everywhere is selling out.

Send me masks, and I will get them to people. I will literally walk down the street handing them out, because that's our life right now. Please help us breathe!

Short note to :

We need masks in ! Please send me some and I will distribute them:

2323 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

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@maiki hey i have a friend flying from los angeles back to the bay tomorrow, i'm going to see if we can send some masks with him and give him your info


@kelsey Thanks! My phone just died, but my email and jabber is The address is a coworking space uptown, and I can pedestrian or hire a car over to wherever. ^_^

@maiki ok awesome, i'll relay all of this to him. he lives in oakland too

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