That isn't clickbait. I don't know. And I linked to where I first asked. So folks, if you do know, please tell me. ^_^

@maiki from my own experience I'd say ISO date format is often immediately recognised by wider population, including non tech people.

I routinely use it alongside UK date format at work and few people question it, if they do they still recognise it as a date but are just curious as to why its in that format (I tell them its to make automatically sorting dates easier on such things as computer directory listings such as collections of backups..)

@maiki for #taskwarrior users it's what the date is set as if you type "due=someday".

@maiki oh! didn't click your link since it wasn't clickbait, I see you're learning taskwarrior :P

@Greg @maiki I think people working on the Y2038 problem have to be some of the most optimistic people around right now...

(Sorry for the dark "humor". I'll get off the internet now.)

@maiki I don't know what GTD is, but for a system using Unix timestamps internally, that is suspiciously close to the highest date you can represent with a signed 32bit integer:

$ perl -e 'print scalar(gmtime(0x7fffffff))'
Tue Jan 19 03:14:07 2038

So, 2038-01-18 is the last full day that many Unix-derived implementations can represent.

Yeah, it's the mathematical representation of "someday", and it's closing fast 😂

@maiki that's my birthday 🤡 If I live that long 😆 hopefully as a half cyborg 💪⚡️

@maiki I'm good thank u except for my moody stomach 🤮🤮🤮

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