Designers should be more ashamed of the default web experience.

One cannot safely use a web browser as is.

I hate this as a person, but web professionals should be fighting this at every point.

Folks want privacy and dignity. They don't care about your widget or api.

@maiki i think the the simple truth here is that web professionals are not employed to respect human privacy and dignity; they are in the aggregate employed to subvert and destroy it.

(i say this as a web professional.)

@brennen yep. Its killing me.

Not that bad, but it is taking the wind out of my wings, and the income out of my family...

@maiki yeah, i don't want to favorite that, but i feel you.

@maiki I don't think most people actually care very much about privacy. If they did, they'd stop using Facebook and buying smart speakers.

@synaesthetica @maiki I think they do, but they also care about having the latest cool things and ease. it's much easier to use facebook than to get everyone onto fedi (or maybe we should try harder) and it's good for business. i have to admit that an echo seems very useful in a lot of situations

people want privacy, but until it actually affects them, they're comfy with their smart speakers.

what we need to change is ToSs. make them concise and readable.

@synaesthetica, I think most people want privacy. But most folks also have to balance a lot of drives and motivations. Some folks can't imagine, literally can't think of how their privacy protects them from anything.

I tend to land closer to @twee, and agree that using any of this stuff is hard in general, so again, that juggling act, ne?

I will admit, I don't really know. Polls and anecdotes tell me folks care. Wallets and actions say differently. I don't know.

@maiki @synaesthetica @twee Some housing applications require you to list a social media profile (either LinkedIn or Facebook, usually)
It’s difficult to conceptualize the costs of this kind of social media usage for most folks, but easy to see how opting out can be harmful.
It’s overly simplistic to suggest that just because people do something that that’s the best or desired option. It may not even feel like a choice.

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@maiki I actually started moving back to print around 2008 or so, during the peak of Flash Website Mania, when Web design stopped being fun (moved from print to Web around '94).

That was also about the same time that sites were being designed so that they were basically non-functional without enabling Flash and allowing a dozen 3rd-party Javascripts to run in your browser. I just got fed up.

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