So, I just installed the #OStatus plugin and all it's dependencies on my #wordpress blog. Now what? I've been through all the settings I can find for these addons, but no clue as to how to use them...

@kd0bpv I recall they just kinda work. Are you interacting with any instances? What have you tried? ^_^

Not much, as I have no idea what to try with them. For all that I see them doing, even calling it bloatware would be generous.


@kd0bpv I haven't used since I hosted a instance, but I recall I could follow my blog. Not sure how that works these days, but I bet it is easier with than . Although, maybe pop a blog URL in the search box, see what happens.

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Do you mean search Mastodon for a URL to my blog? Or Google a URL from my blog and see what pops up?

@kd0bpv Search Mastodon for your website. If you take a status from Mastodon and put it in the search box of your instance, you can then interact with it (like, boost, etc.).

I know, that is a very silly hidden feature, and we need a better UI, but maybe that works in your case. Let me know how it works (or send me a URL and I will try it). ^_^

@kd0bpv ya know, I don't think is gonna stick around. Within a year, I imagine it will have very little support. So you might be better off moving on to another project. ^_^

Yeah, but I haven't seen much good stuff in the way of AS/AP for WordPress yet.

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