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This is turning into "lines I dropped from the text editor":

> Everything I publish is CC0 for data portability, and because when you think about it everything we write is addressed to the future...

I had a read flag pre-programmed in my head: don't use ellipses in a cover letter! Is it really, really clever? DON'T USE ELLIPSES IN A COVER LETTER!

Under Ahimsa and Aikido, there are no enemies, and appropriate self-defence focuses on neutralising the immaturity, assumptions and aggressive strivings of the attacker.

Haha, say really hyper slogans to yourself in a monotone, low energy voice!

Humans sure do make a lot of fighter jets. I mean, per dog fight. Why are we making all these jets, but not crashing them into each other like toys?

Here's my point: we're all like, hey, aliens that don't quite speak our language, come on down! And they just see stockpiles of weapons, all over the planet!

Ha! Lately I've been wondering why I keep a Mastodon account. No issue with it! I just don't really use it. Unless I'm procrastinating. Like now. Ha!

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This photo came from a post done several years ago in the G+ Computer History Community, Do you agree?

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Does anyone know if Nina Pailey is still the Question Copyright artist in residence? Cause I still see her stuff being used everywhere; and she is transphobic as hell. And we need to make the public faces of FreeCulture welcoming to everyone.

I hate cover letters. I keep writing these little truth bombs that aren't really great for this.

"I put the self in self-hosted"

"I've supported all things, across time and space"

"After 20 years of experience, my main job is to calm people down while magic stuff happens"

Wow, I typed `chown www-data:www-data -R` as fast as I thought it!

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The Conservancy is hiring a technical bookkeeper! We hope you'll help us spread the word about this unique opportunity to join our small team.

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So real question. As a vegetarian, im kinda wondering how actually vegans feel about the the whole "digital vegan" label thats being tossed about lately? I ask mainly because I have a hard time deciding how I would feel about it if I were one. Their are a lot of rpossible easons to be vegan, or vegetarian. Environmental, political, ethical, philosophical and spiritual. Probably some im not listing.

Vegans in general are in a very real way avoiding the death of a living thing. I get the parallels about being mindful of choices that few introspect; but I had a moment of pause conflating the two.

Asking, because Im frankly not in tune enough with the greater vegan community to know.

I'm gonna check out from the AP thread and start compiling knowledge at Maybe it's where I am in life, but I find the more interesting the topic and more repsponders, federated microblogging is difficult for me to digest and respond.

I think the most difficult part of solving problem on the web for others is that I am **naturally** a digital vegan.

I get it. I GET it. But if I don't understand why you folks are acting like this, I won't know where the ship is going, and as a shaman that is my primary function.

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The codes that a mechanic reads from your on board diagnostic system to determine why your check engine light is on.

Some manufacturers have taken to using proprietary codes that only work with special readers to make sure you can't go to third party mechanics.

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I think it's also dangerous to be complacent, because it's becoming so easy for "content providers" to kust bolt in DRM now using third party services, that the only reason not to is public objection. Eventually the way things are going, even Youtube will roll it out universally. And you might say "whatevs" but next is HTML elements like images, and later text. Or inspectable JS/CSS. Or HTML itself.

Okay, folks are giving me solid examples, that is a jump off point. Looking at DRM from the content angle gets a lot of attention, maybe a case of bikeshedding? Because I can torrent a soundtrack, but I've got nothing for car apps.

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Does this assume you are aware of all existing DRM and won't be surprised by, say, DRM'd printer ink? Or DRM'd OBD codes in a car?

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