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I’m considering reopening memberships for the gaming group I put on hold, the “league of ordinary gentlefolk”

If you enjoy playing friendly games with emotionally intelligent, kind people and want a discord group with a mod who gives a shit about intersectionality without putting the education and moderation work on members of socioeconomically constricted groups hit me up for an invite to #LOOGGames!

I’m planning to do an hour every few nights just hanging out in voice chat!


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Abolish copyright.

You can charge for material things - paper, ink, packaging material, the time of the workers to prepare it. You can even charge for bandwidth, server upkeep, and electricity. But information has no material cost and therefore cannot be sold.

Exercise civil disobedience: it's your obligiation as a good citizen to be a pirate. We can negotiate again when they change the law to make copyrighted works enter the public domain within our lifetimes.

For accountants that visit their clients and work on clients' Quickbooks: is it easier to migrate to an online version, or setup (remote access) warez on machines?

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Suicide mention / JSTOR 

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Thanks to @Alex-Esko, who put a 100€ bounty on the packaging of Calculator++ (, the app is now available through F-Droid for everyone. 🎉
(With an update fixing the remaining bugs introduced by the F-Droid build coming very shortly)

I was thinking of how AMA is very individual-centric, and sometimes I just want to "ask someone something", but then that's ASS, and then I thought about saying, "Let me ASS you a question!" and it's making me happy and chuckle and ya'll words are funny and we all deserve better. ^_^

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Can anyone recommend a multiplayer cooperative game that runs on low-end hardware (e.g. Raspberry Pi 4)?

I love playing video games with a friend who lives hundreds of miles away but I don't want to have a console or have to throw money at an expensive gaming computer.

#gaming #linux #raspberrypi

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PSA: last night one of our pyrex cooking dishes exploded.

not fractured, exploded. “pyrex isn’t supposed to do that” we thought.

as of a few years ago, Pyrex sold their brand, the new company changed glass recipe as a cost cutting measure, resulting in a pandemic of exploding cookware and a class action lawsuit.

thankfully the patent has expired and the keyword to look for in competing glass cookware products is “borosilicate glass”

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🍃 I made a little task tracking app to replace my use of Wunderlist. It's called Leaf. I use it to remember posts I read on my phone for publishing to @readrust. Leaf is written in Rust using Rocket and uses CSV for persistence. #Rust
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Is there an online tool that lets you turn various ffmpeg knobs while showing a before/after comparison of the video with a before/after comparison of the file size as well?

Haha, I'm gonna kinda half-promise I'm not going to start posting markov chains (on this account!). Of course given today's thought climate, the maiki-instance would probably post with utmost certainty in the first.

What would it take to convince you of your amnesiac divinity? Religion hasn't worked for me, psychology is closer. Maybe... a mantra, a weed, and my basic needs being met?

I'm a contact on at least 8 domains with the word "bike" in them. ^_^

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I was thinking about how all I want to do is play animal crossing at times like this. Then I looked for something, and couldnt find it. So I made it.

I spend more time wondering what folks are *not* posting.

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Absolutely not okay that North Carolina State Board of Elections' "Am I registered / where do I vote" form is a Google Doc, requiring software usable only on Google's terms. Nobody should be encouraged by the state to use a particular company's product in civic processes.

I need a simple and funny set of badges to give out to my friends on my friendly forums for completing "quests" which are like "talking-out-loud-things-I'd-like-to-do-but-wish-I-have-a-friend-to-do-with-todo-items". That I've gamified. To prove that is a JSON-based message bus, while is the SSI+cocaine combo I've always wanted. And needs , because of course it needs badges.

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The "fertilizer" is distributed to members of under-funded communities who operate cooperatively owned organizations in chunks of $500 a pop, no questions asked; so long as you provide your bylaws/operating agreement and registration with the CA SoS.

Once the loan has been repaid; or they reach additional milestones; they qualify for a $5,000 loan. Once they go further; they qualify for a $50,000 loan, etc.

All loan repayments get rolled back into the fund.

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