I just spelled "elicited" correctly the first time, and had to spellcheck it a couple times before I was convinced it was correct...

Since 0.24 I haven't been able to configure autopickup for javelins, boomerangs and darts. Anyone got a config with those options set? ^_^

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What's your favorite self-hosted issue tracking software?

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The end of 2019/start of 2020 is going to be synonymous with my CD collection being shredded. Ive mulled on it a bit and I decided against paying the ransom fee. Lesson learned.


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Over the last decade, every single one of us here took major steps in taking back control of our presence online and building the spaces we want to see in the world, so don't forget to give yourselves credit for that, because it's a really nice thing to see and it hasn't been easy.

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And finally, one of the biggest things in my career this last year was my transition from a normal old investigative journalist/security engineer to becoming the Director of Information Security for FLM! Look out for some exciting open source security projects coming next year

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I have a family member setup with Firefox with ublock origin etc. They don't have any issues traveling the web. But they run Windows. This morning they somehow launched Edge, visit a National Geographic best of 2019 photos page, and something on that page took 'em to one of those security scam pages that pops up a modal dialog that locks the whole browser UI with scary warnings and a toll free number. That was just seconds with an inferior browser. How are people able to use the web these days?

While I can't account for embedded crap in the README files, part of this process was to be able to read these lists and discuss them in places that aren't tracking folks.

From that thread in the forums you should be able to clone any of those repos, directly to your local computer. ^_^

In July I began mirroring, reading and mostly sarcastically commenting on every from the meta awesome list, in an order based on my friends votes.

Today I finished. I'm not done, this is just the clay; now I make art. But it is a milestone I feel really great about! And the raw materials are still useful, at least for some sort of human that appreciates maiki-sarcasm.


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Asking For Help, Boosts Appreciated 

I mispelled "expressed", and a misclick chose an alternative spelling, "exp reseed".

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Help finding depictions of positive masculinity in media, Please boost 

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RT @golan@twitter.com

My student @LingdongH@twitter.com has released 文言, or wenyan, an esoteric programming language that closely follows the grammar and tone of classical Chinese literature. There's an online IDE, and it compiles to JS or Python. Github: github.com/LingDong-/wenyan-la Site: wenyan-lang.lingdong.works/

🐦🔗: twitter.com/golan/status/12069

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Semiotic Standard: the icons from Alien

Following on from our Solar System transit map, we settled on this as our next vector art project: recreating the "Semiotic Standard" icons used to decorate the Nostromo spaceship sets in the 1979 film Alien.

We also thought it'd be fun to make them usable as fediverse emoji, so we did that.

Find the full set in emojo form here: lexie.space/post/blogstuff/201

See the attached image, or noisy.lexie.space/@alexis/1033, for examples.

We'll be publishing large SVG files of these, too - as soon as we get the source file sorted out so we can export them easily. (we still suck at illustrator lol) In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these, and watch this space for more!

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The police chief of #btv just resigned after having been caught trolling a critic from an alt account on :birdsite: . His replacement was on the job for less than 12 hours before it came out that she'd did the same thing on FB and was just canned for it.

Wild times in our lil city...


#btvcc #vt #vtpoli

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