I like it on muh servers, everything just werks.

@xue @nerdtronics @dj i am _not_ going in there (there = debate about systemd)

@xue @m0lly @dj

systemd is a great init system, the alternatives are slow, clunky and lack features.

@xue @m0lly @dj

Never have used netplan so I have no opinion of it, Im more of an ifconfig/dhclient kind of guy.

I’ll admit I’m not a fan of netplan but I set my static up reservations on my router so I don’t have to mess with it.

@nerdtronics i don't prefer it, but have nothing against it really, i think i mostly found the cow cute

@m0lly [ ] All of the above. :flan_tongue:

(Honestly, run whatever you want. It's all good. :flan_thumbs: )

@claudiom @m0lly

None of the above.

The Cow heard about Debian Bullseye, and wants to contribute.
After installing it.

@m0lly angry that they planted a stone tree in her favorite path

@efi regretting stone tree installation, true dat

@m0lly i spilled my nescafe on the keyboard.thank you lol

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