Q: How to randomly sort lines in a buffer?
A: Select region, then C-u M-| shuf

is a versatile language (learning computer science, system programming, etc.). The course from @ocamlmooc was fun! You'll learn the basics and you'll be ready to understand more advanced concepts.
Favorite exercises:
1. Klotski
2. Trie
3. File system

"You usually end up with infinitely many arrows, but that’s okay." - Bartosz Milewski, Categories Great and Small

Programming Paradigms for
Dummies: What Every
Programmer Should Know, by Peter Van Roy
Overview of the main paradigms and their concepts. They all have pros and cons to solve different kind of problems. Choose the right one.

First time I try mode on Linux. I have to say, I am impressed by the tooling! Gutter, suggestions and documentation ready to use with one line of elisp configuration.

@hiteki j'ai aussi un compte sdf. Il faut que je regarde plus en détails ce que je peux faire avec ça

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