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2018 was the year I concluded that any system whose purpose is to measure, capture, and monetize human attention is immoral and inevitably leads to the erosion of the commons and society itself. In 2019 I'm committed to helping dismantle these systems by all possible means.
Concretely this means supporting nonprofit alternatives like mastodon, blocking all ad tracking (sorry, people whose livelihoods have been captured by that industry), and doing whatever most damages the attention industry.

Every time I use {x,y} in bash, it feels like magic.

`git mv some/deep/ass/directory/that/you/hate/typin/twice/{derp,face}`

STEM, capitalism, hot take 

Ugh.. "We didn't start the fire" has been stuck in my head for almost two days..

It's a blessing. That song fucking rules.

If you have the luxury of using a gym, put your fucking equipment away! It builds goodwill with your peers and helps shave off time when people are looking for shit they need. Don't be a dick!

Got my Nextcloud Contacts / Calendar synced with my phone finally! Going to demo it out for a bit, then can finally delete all things Google!


Two years ago I probably couldn't cut a bell pepper. Now, I usually cook twice a day and I'm unbelievably excited for a new dutch oven, hehe. Neat to look at progress, but then again, I guess I'm just becoming a fucking adult.

In case you missed it:

The Brave web browser is funded by venture capital and sells advertising space to replace the ads it blocks.

Here's their ad-sales site:

"funded by Founders Fund, Foundation Capital, Propel Venture Partners, Pantera Capital, DCG, Danhua Capital, and Huiyin Blockchain Venture among others."

You might want to consider other options if you still use #Brave.

#WebBrowsers #Privacy

(via @hypolite )

Goddamn. Technopolis by Yellow Magic Orchestra is my jam. So good. YMO and Soda Stereo are definitely my bands of the year.

Colemak is the shit. I'm already typing at .563541 WPM!

Being unable to use Firefox vim bindings on Google app pages for work is really chapping my ass.

My day was going real shitty and then I got a Discover card offer in the mail. Y'all always know how to cheer me up!

Thank you past me for writing a script to set up everything I need for Fedora. Not having to remember what you need kicks ass.

Always feels good when you remember to stop yourself before diving into a critical thinking rabbit hole. Usually it's been done and then YOU GET THAT SHIT FO FREE

I never thought I'd see the day where I'm yakshaving my dotfiles to make.. JIRA tickets. 😂 go-jira is surprisingly good so far though!



*wipes a tear from eye*
their first industry kill.
they grow up so fast.

I'm grateful for tools like and that make it so easy to run my own cloud instance. Doing this ten years ago would be such a different story.

Awww, hell yeah. Had a solid security weekend. Got my router setup on OpenWRT and setup Nextcloud! Yes yes yes yes

Holy shit; I've had an account since 2003. Looking at this profile brings back some conscious memories.

was so different back then.

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