oh no I didn't read the Memory Alpha page all the way thru and I put Captain Erika Benteen in command of the USS Lakota, but beta canon has her demoted to Commander after the attempted coup and then in command of the USS Appalachia a year later at the battle of Sector 001 so I guess ... this game has to be set in between seasons 4 and 5 of DS9?

that works, right?

ok so I am having a harder time than expected coming up with ideas for where to take the story for this transporter game

hit me with your best "loose threads from a TNG/DS9 episode you would like to see followed up on" ideas

I need help thinking of a planet to feature in my #trek game; looking for a pre-warp civilization that could have turned aggressive if they were introduced to a higher level of technology in violation of the prime directive. probably would need to come from TNG but possibly TOS would work.

the second ship in my game should be of which class?



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