Voting for the #lispgamejam just closed! I scored second for both creativity and presentation!! 😄

Congratulations @technomancy and @luckystrike you're game was a run away hit. I absolutely LOVED it.

Great story and I must have listened to that soundtrack for at least two hours.

@alexjgriffith @technomancy Shit, thank you Alex! Your game was a blast! I loved the dark concepts, graphics, and music. Seriously, great job! Wouldn't have been surprised if you had won. :)


Thanks! I had a great time making it😄

If I were to do it again I would focus more on the cute characters.


@alexjgriffith @luckystrike yeah the music was pretty haunting on that, and nice job on all those sprites. I've used aseprite briefly but not for anything at that scale; glad to know it worked well for you.

For animating pixel art, it is AMAZING!

I had used GIMP previously, it works well, but Aseprite makes animation effortless.

Your character's were pretty slick, and had a lot of characterization.

PS: I loved how turk had a massive picture of himself in his room.

@alexjgriffith Thanks a bunch! It's unfortunate not every character got as much depth as Hank, but we definitely tried! Glad you liked the photo, haha! Funny accident: @technomancy and I both added the same gag in different spots, so we had a conversation about which one to keep. Ended up keeping both because obviously Turk is a self-absorbed mother fucker, haha. Thanks for the praise though, pal! Means a lot coming from you!

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