Every time my fucking 5Ghz radio goes down it reminds me of how little I know about routers and networking. is super cool software and I love using it, but sometimes I just want my internet to work. 😆

@luckystrike any radar emissions detected by the router’s antennas boots you off of 5GHz. This is because long before 5GHz wifi was a thing, the spectrum was used by federal&amateur radio, weather dopplers, military communications, and aeroports/aeroplanes communications/weather radar. So when they let the 802.11 consortium use 5GHz for WLAN, regulatory bodies said that on certain channels if radar pulses are detected, WLAN devices must cease operations on that channel and switch to another one.

@luckystrike it that’s your issue 🤷 you could try switching to channels 36-48.

@kmicu Oh damn; thanks for the education! I didn't know that. Yeah, I've got it set up on auto channels, but given that there are only a handful of 5GHz connections around my place. I'll give that a go; thanks! @kmicu always coming in with the clutch answers. :D

@luckystrike Thank you but the truth is that I’m only a fellow OpenWRT user and discovered that info when troubleshooting my own issues 😹

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