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The idea that you can’t just block people is such a TV idea. It’s an ethic absorbed from high school where it’s your moral duty to sit and absorb thoughts from whoever is talking and just standing up and leaving is a crime.

You can mute or block anyone you want for any reason. You can put any e-mail into your spam folder. You can ignore anything you feel like and not be an ethical failure. You can hear an idea and reject it and it shouldn’t really take that long to identify the bad ones.

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"You see", the professor says with a smirk, "all of you are generating data with your devices and sending it to companies"
"Not me!" I yell from behind my Arch Linux™ laptop filled with entirely free and open source software which respects my freedom. "Tell your M1cr0$0ft sponsors that the future is libre and it's coming"
"NOOOooooo..." he screams as his Windows Surface Pro Disintegrator™ Uploads™ him to the cloud for going against the Terms of Service* which forbids the knowledge that it is truly the year of the linux desktop

Friendica was refusing to import the website RSS feed as a new connection, so I've made a few fixes to it so it validates properly now.

Adventures in hex editing, comtinued 

now this... this is brilliant

Adventures in hex editing, continued 

okay, I fixed loss

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decentralized, offline-first protocols are an important prerequisite for building autonomous communities and replicating information across the solar system and beyond.

the centralized architecture of data silos and other modern networks (including fediverse) make even interplanetary communication completely infeasible. there are a lot of steps to take before that, but we need to get ahead of the curve to ensure that free software becomes the default moving forward.
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