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All mirrors are back in sync and working again. Currently troubleshooting why stylesheets don't work on, and trying to figure out how in the world gopher works.

Several mirrors are refusing to connect through FTP. Everything that's not Keybase is currently out of sync for the time being.

rereading all my blog posts from the past year

I wanna give younger Vane a great big hug and tell them that it's all going to be okay

to this day, my favorite quote from one of my poems is still:

"You may take my name and my life,
but my legacy, I will not rescind."

written after the catastrophe of early october, when I got harassed off neocities with false accusations of homophobia for talking about my bad experience in the fictionkin community, and it's still valid now


need to remember that writing for my website is just as valid and "productive" as writing for my books

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@lucina That's Very "The Little Prince"-ish. I love it.

My main at witches dot live is down, so I guess y'all get to see my persona, St. Ikky, in their full glory

I'll update the art page soon, I promise

"I never asked, I never learned, I never lived."

have I always been this emotionally isolated?

working on adding new poems to the website. reading old ones. a toxic reassurance: things have not, and will never, change

love how google/startpage can crawl my website, but it only ever shows one of the side pages and not the home page in search results

Updated the site stylesheet. Everything should be slightly less ugly now.

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