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Friendica was refusing to import the website RSS feed as a new connection, so I've made a few fixes to it so it validates properly now.

Adventures in hex editing, comtinued 

now this... this is brilliant

Adventures in hex editing, continued 

okay, I fixed loss

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Happy New Year, SDF.

During 2018 I was blessed to meet many interesting, creative, talented, and kind people through SDF, both virtually and in person. My life is richer because of this great community!

Here's looking forward to 2019, in terms of new friendships and in terms of some great new technologies in store for the SDF environment!

🎆 🎇 🎉 🎊

So it looks like Kodachi just deleted all of the poems I'd retrieved from the archive and sorted into individual files. Moving to Manjaro now. Unknown when I'll get the time or energy to pull all of the poems back out again. ...Happy New Year, I guess?

going through the dump of my old blog's poems and uploading the last good ones. Everything should be up by New Year's

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