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Never trust a computer you can't reach with a sledgehammer.

"what if humanity became obsessed with reversing hash functions and used up all their energy resources to the task" sounds like something a cryptography researcher in 1996 might errantly come up with

i've tagged out 600+ open source, experimental and tiny tools by their qualities and built a new website for sorting through them!

these are all tools towards joyful digital creation, with the goal of enabling working entirely outside of proprietary systems- moving instead from one hand-made software to another.

(the list takes submissions if it is missing yours >:))

asking for recommendation/connections 

Fedi, can you help me find someone who is proficient with visual impairment accessibility tools? ideally, someone who actually uses them, but familiarity with accessibility practices is also okay. I'm looking for someone to "proofread" my two websites. I can pay, but not a lot. more context in the thread below.

Hire my husband you cowards

(Am I doing this right, my last employer was a coffee shop)

YOU: so the A in RAID stands for "Array"?
US: Yes.
YOU: doesn't that mean saying "RAID array" is redundant?
US: Of course. That's what the R is for.

There is a request floating around to copy and repost a tweet/toot on where to get help for people contemplating .

Be aware that the phone numbers mentioned therein are connected to organizations that will probably base their support on ideas.

If you are , or similar and need help, but don't want to hear "Jesus loves you" then have a look here:

The number to call if you live in Germany is 0800 116123

:amiga:​ I'm in! #Tron

Emotion 1.9 with new video card acceleration from A-EON Enhancer Pack 2.0 running on my X5000.

Fullscreen works nicely too.

#Amiga #AmigaNG #AmigaOS4

I was re-reading Russell & Norvig's AI textbook (not my field but it never hurts to know things) and ran into this passage that I'd hilighted before and I love it..

"The quest for “artificial flight” succeeded when engineers and inventors stopped imitating birds and started using wind tunnels and learning about aerodynamics. Aeronautical engineering texts do not define the goal of their field as making “machines that fly so exactly like pigeons that they can fool even other pigeons.”"

CollapseOS is a kind of fantasy roleplay, a vision of the future where the adult world is gone along with all its demands and responsibilities, and we can return to the simplicity of childhood. A dream where our obscure knowledge of old computers, collected merely for love and nostalgia, becomes a valuable skill once again

I swear a lot 

vs. news media according to Australian media: something something a triumph for respectable journalism and this is really important.

vs news media according to Facebook: something something free speech and this is SUPER important.

vs news according to Little John: a bunch of rich fucks are fighting about money again and I don't give a fuck.

Amfora v1.8.0 is now out! Enjoy! Two things I'd like to highlight:

- Media type handlers - open non-text files in another application

- Rendering very long documents is now ~96% faster, excluding gemtext parsing

Try it out, explore Gemini, report bugs, and donate if you can! 😁

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