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homemade router - freedombox?
I actually got the T-Mobile branded version of this: which was pretty easy to flash.

Worked well enough I got my boss to buy one and we run it in the office too.

homemade router - freedombox?
I had very good luck with shopping for something with good DD-WRT support in the past. Currently I use an Asus flashed to Merlin firmware. It's a community mod of the open source (based on tomato) stock ASUS firmware.

homemade router - banana pi? sorry, I hadn't seen the post about the banana pi before I replied. That looks pretty promising. People also really like the ALIX boards, but they are a bit more expensive:

homemade router - freedombox? depending on the SBC you have to bear in mind they can be pretty slow. If you use RPi the USB (disk access if used as a NAS) and ethernet (important for NAS or router) are very constrained. Other boxes could be great. Do you want NAS functionality and what kind of ISP connection would you be routing? Also watch for wifi plug to have enough range.

@civis awesome! Kinda funny, I originally joined sdf to have access to AOL IM when my workplace blocked it. But in the long run it helped me to learn more unix. I never used it daily, but it's been a good place to keep a simple site and to learn. Are you into linux/unix/shell stuff?

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On now Intergalactic Wasabi Mix!

Thank you to all in COM, IRC and the fediverse who allowed me to entertain you for a moment. 🙏

If you missed the show or want to do it again...the archive you are looking for is

Song list can also be found on the DJ page on

Look around tons of great music and creative talk! Want to interact? Join @SDF !!


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2019 is the year of FreedomBox Pioneer edition home servers, Purism Librem 5 smartphones and the growing Fediverse.

This year marks a point in history where people have started to rebel against the surveillance capitalist platforms threatening our democracy and take back control over their digital lives with freedom-respecting products and services.

#2019 #Purism #FreedomBox #SurveillanceCapitalism #Democracy #Fediverse

A mid-30s he/him nerd. Husband, dad of 3, programmer, and guitarist. Concerned about the way humans are treated. In tune with that I'm very interested in and open/federated systems where humans, regardless of who or where they are, can participate. I also love of many types, (indie rock, funk, classic R&B, and modern bluegrass are some favorites) and random hobbies like home automation, 3d printers, SBCs, even some . Been on sdf almost 16y @PhieLaidMignon
I'm generally an org-mode/plain text person, but I set up NextCloud and I've been trying out carnet syncing to nc. So far I'm really enjoying having a more modern notes app to use across my phone and desktop. Great that I can use it in a self hosted way.

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Bastille Day! Just closed my Google account. They started good, and just got worse. And worse. And worse. Time to go, and now I'm gone!

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Just replaced Google+ with Mastodon in the social links section on the website! Represent!

pet death When friends have had rats, I've really enjoyed them, even though I'm not a fan of other (often more popular) smaller pets. They are fantastic. I didn't realize they lived such a short life. I struggle with how short a dog''s life is, so I can only imagine it's pretty tough with 2-3 years. Condolences.

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OTOH, I've seen Chrome as a privacy hole for years.

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