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Right-libertarianism is the belief that democratically-elected governments shouldn’t be trusted but CEO kings are modern-day saints.

Meanwhile, here I sit, whispering “why trust either?” into the wind. I think we do know what will happen in an overburdened healthcare system because it is happening in Italy right now: treatable patients die. Sitting in a chair in a courtyard without their family.

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Got a Philips CD-i a week ago with a few educational titles. Replaced the drive belt and the thing loads right up, plays burned games perfectly! Let me know if you happen to have a spare video expansion card laying around so I can watch CD-i digital video discs.

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General update 

@emsenn cool idea! let us know how it goes. Are you thinking of switching to an RPi 4 soon? I got a 2GB one and it's quite a bit faster.

@Gina obviously the later part of that last toot is very much what has worked for me, and may not work for you or others.

FWIW I'll turn 36 in a month.There are also many times when I still get an even worse feeling that I'm not happy.

But I did want to offer that I relate, and that there might be things you haven't found yet that will either help with fulfillment, or in my case help with perspective.

@Gina I swear it somehow get's work and better at the same time...

Personally I had a really hard time with "is this it?" when I finally finished college (I went part time and it took 8 years) and had a kid and a house. It felt like I had spent all my effort on these things and felt like "now what?"

Soon after I got more into (secular) Buddhism and started to find some really pragmatic stuff that clicked. I think ultimately this is all there is, but one can stop and realize that's ok. awesome, thanks. I think I’m going to give YunoHost a shot. Any advice? Does it have any native support for BTRFS or anything else to counter bitrot?



As a listener I would rather get the content with the warning than not get the episode. At least for a content heavy show like Libre Lounge. For more casual shows maybe not.

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"Remember: If it's not ISO 8601, it's not a date, it's just hanging out"

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Stuff us way more complicated than it was just a few years ago because of https. I was trying to set up NextCloud with a snap recently and it was a pain to do anything except let NC take over the whole domain.

I've appreciated your series of posts both to learn a little and realize other people are frustrated with this stuff too.

@snowdusk_ I wasn't able to join live, but I enjoyed having some great coding music for work today. Thanks!
In my experience it's used as a spice. My personal first thought is from knowing a couple of people from Morocco and this killer chicken and rice dish, but it's widely used in Indian and Southeast Asian food. Mmmm, yummy stuff when used properly.

This picture made me think maybe they call it tumeric because they look like a bunch of wild tumors. 😉 (Yes I realize many tubers look similar).
I guess computers aren't very good at math? 😋

libraries of the future, link
Been there a few times. The robot looks cool, but the actual library there is actually great. Without as many bookshelves it's an open area with things like 3D printers and great spaces for students to sit together and work on things or socialize.
As @emacsen pointed out, when MS does something to promote women in programming, we can hopefully take some benefit from that.

The corporations do exist for making money, but sometimes the actions are being made by humans that aren't entirely bad.
I think that is largely true, but for example I think Tim Cook as a gay man really does care about human rights. Yes, at the end of the day he has to answer to the board. But I think some of what he does has value, and it isn't just for marketing reasons.

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