The closer I get to 30, the more I find myself realizing that I'm not happy.

I have a good life, with friends and an interesting job. But I'm also stuck in a rat race, feeling oddly estranged from myself and others. This can't be all there is, right?

I miss going outside. I miss nature and the smell of grass. I miss the sun on my skin.

I know what I want, but very practically, I don't know where to go find it. Thinking of driving to France, Spain and Portugal, just to see where I'll end.


@Gina I swear it somehow get's work and better at the same time...

Personally I had a really hard time with "is this it?" when I finally finished college (I went part time and it took 8 years) and had a kid and a house. It felt like I had spent all my effort on these things and felt like "now what?"

Soon after I got more into (secular) Buddhism and started to find some really pragmatic stuff that clicked. I think ultimately this is all there is, but one can stop and realize that's ok.

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@Gina obviously the later part of that last toot is very much what has worked for me, and may not work for you or others.

FWIW I'll turn 36 in a month.There are also many times when I still get an even worse feeling that I'm not happy.

But I did want to offer that I relate, and that there might be things you haven't found yet that will either help with fulfillment, or in my case help with perspective.

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