Watching my partner at a panel about women on gaming put on by Microsoft. So many feels. Supporting her... Glad that MS is encouraging to young women to code. I like game (and even buy proprietary ones every so often). OTOH proprietary software makes me sad.


I love that games have become this incredible new form of storytelling that goes beyond movies or books and want to support the creators, but as you mention, so much is proprietary, most is even under DRM. 🙁

MS is tough too. They have honestly done many things right lately, but its so hard to trust and corporation, not to mention the one that used to call libre software a "cancer." I'm trying to be open minded.

@laydros We can still take things that are good and see them as good. Promoting women in programming is a good thing.

That doesn't mean we have to like anyone else or accept what they do- but it means we can maybe learn from them.

Well said.

And I totally agree about the need for more women in programming.

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