A mid-30s he/him nerd. Husband, dad of 3, programmer, and guitarist. Concerned about the way humans are treated. In tune with that I'm very interested in and open/federated systems where humans, regardless of who or where they are, can participate. I also love of many types, (indie rock, funk, classic R&B, and modern bluegrass are some favorites) and random hobbies like home automation, 3d printers, SBCs, even some . Been on sdf almost 16y

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@laydros howdy. I’m new to sdf but very interested. Nice to meet you.

@civis awesome! Kinda funny, I originally joined sdf to have access to AOL IM when my workplace blocked it. But in the long run it helped me to learn more unix. I never used it daily, but it's been a good place to keep a simple site and to learn. Are you into linux/unix/shell stuff?

@laydros Ahhh AIM. RIP.

I have quite a bit of interest in linux/unix shells. I am hoping the linux port of plan9's rc shell gets updated soon to allow equals without quotes. Right now, my focus is on learning C. Been using various Linux distros since 2002. Now I feel I am in a position to contribute back. What languages do you use?

rc/acme/etc are fascinating to me, but I haven't adapted any plan9 stuff to more than tinkering with.

I studied C++, worked at a couple of Java shops, mostly python now. I try to write C some, as I dig into the "old way" of doing things I'm getting more serious with C, Go and Rust curious, Lisp curious, and concerned C++ is too much duct tape and rubber bands.

I am fond of acme but I have really been digging emacs as of late.

I am just running through C Primer Plus, 6th Edition. I am somewhat concerned over the use of scanf(). I hear it’s not the best way to retrieve input.

I also write small web apps using node.js. I have a fair amount of interest in web apps and their security.

I used vim for years, decided to check out emacs several years ago. Kinda went back and forth for a while, really settled into emacs a couple of years ago. I keep wiping my init.el and starting over because I feel like I haven't gotten past like the very first part of the learning curve. The vim equivalent of just knowing hjkl, i, and :wq. For instance I typically still have to use the web, I can't figure out enough for the info system.

But it's excellent. Such a smart system.

I just started emacs about a year ago. Used vim before that. Now I use ed at the terminal and emacs gui. It doesn't get much simpler than ed. I like emacs a lot because it helps format C code using the GNU style of coding. I found that I prefer that style.

So what OS is your daily system? I just switched back to Solus as of the 4.0 release, as Arch updates too frequently and I was having problems with it. I prefer a more stable system.

I've never managed to use ed. Sometimes I use mg when doing CLI stuff, but mostly I still just use vim when on a server somewhere and not using tramp.

I've been mostly on OS X for the last few years as a desktop, but been frustrated and haven't used it much the last few months. I've been pretty solidly in the Debian camp for several years, in part because that's what we use at work and its easier to just follow one thing.

I've been getting more interested in OpenBSD and the old way of doing things. But very recently GPL/copyleft really clicked with me. So in addition to the years long internal struggle of pragmatism to use proprietary stuff and have more family time vs. open source idealism, I'm having to pick between simple old style stuff like suckless/BSD with permissive licenses vs. the copyleft stuff I don't like the complexity of, but I'm starting to think is a better for (ethical?) reasons.

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