@rpdillon It's nice to have a user interface that has been stable since 1976.

@natecull No, not really. But it's what TECO did.

But hey, you can actually ask the authors why they picked Altmode (what they called ESC back then).

@smj And it will be even better when there's a 340 display! Can we sign up for a 2 hour slot and get a live Twitch feed?

@smj Scratch that, what I meant to write is: Wow, great! That's awsome!

Munching squares. HAKMEM item 146 recoded for PDP-10 and output to a simulated DEC 340 display.


@loke About 20 cm high and wide, because that's the limit of the 3D printer.

@loke Dazzle Dart on the one-off vector graphics "Knight display" used by the Logo group. Spacewar! on a DEC 340, also vector grahpics. Two Knight TV raster bitmap displays.

PDP-10 and 11 simulation on display. From left to right: Dazzle Dart, KA10 model, Spacewar, PDP-11/40 model, Harrenstein's WATCH, Name dragon free display.

@reverendrobodummy I'm restoring the PDP-10 operating system ITS. It's nice to be able to point people to these models to show them a bit what the computers looked like.

Did you know TOOT was a command in the Logo porgramming language? It was used to sound a horn or whistle on the turtle.

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