<< In 1979, a pre-Infocom MIT S.W. Galley and his collaborator wrote a how-to document for the MDL programming language. Intended to be a simple overview, it expanded into a full book. Here's a Microfilm photo of this work, courtesy of the lovelies over at the ZIL Facebook group.>>

<< The whole book can be read online at @internetarchive at and the ZIL Facebook Group, the hottest discussion board currently flying around Zork Implementation Language, is at >>

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Huh, Sussman and Hewitt wrote Muddle!

Also Johnny Five and/or the WOPR probably run Muddle.

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Escape instead of Enter for evaluating expressions. Okay. Was that a usual convention in 1972?

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@natecull No, not really. But it's what TECO did.

But hey, you can actually ask the authors why they picked Altmode (what they called ESC back then).

@larsbrinkhoff I can see though why they didn't use Enter - it was so you could enter an multiline expression without evaluating it. Which makes sense.

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