@pdt yeah, that’s one thing NZ did well (specifically the Key govt). Almost everywhere has access to gigabit fibre.

@blackfireburns Maybe I'll check that out, thanks.

The home deployment thing is just a bit of an unknown for me. Given I have only one home server right now, how I'd manage it all is a bit confusing. I guess put one interface in a different vlan, assign a new subdomain to that ip, and have a completely separate load balancer to my "normal" one?

@pdt How much of a problem do you think that would be? I get at least 300mbit upstream.

I’d really like to run my own instances of and , as well as access all my software on my home server without a VPN, but I’m too nervous to expose my home server to the internet.

I just don’t see a way of getting around the need for constant vigilance if I do that.

Apparently this works in Python 3.8+:

>>> a = 'bar'
>>> print(f'foo {a=}')
foo a='bar'

todo: learn more about string formatting additions in recent Python versions.

@pdt was your commute really that long? From where to where?

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