I’d really like to run my own instances of and , as well as access all my software on my home server without a VPN, but I’m too nervous to expose my home server to the internet.

I just don’t see a way of getting around the need for constant vigilance if I do that.

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@pdt How much of a problem do you think that would be? I get at least 300mbit upstream.

@laingc well I'd guess not as much as it would be here, considering that's higher than some commercial connections we can get, unless you turn out to be very popular, or want to build the next Netflix out of your garage. ;)

@laingc The state of internet connections here is truly pitiful compared to many other places as different as say HK vs Spain.

@pdt yeah, that’s one thing NZ did well (specifically the Key govt). Almost everywhere has access to gigabit fibre.

You can have a look at linode. They have one click deployment so you can get used to the back end controls an see if you would be comfortable configuring it in you dmz.

@blackfireburns Maybe I'll check that out, thanks.

The home deployment thing is just a bit of an unknown for me. Given I have only one home server right now, how I'd manage it all is a bit confusing. I guess put one interface in a different vlan, assign a new subdomain to that ip, and have a completely separate load balancer to my "normal" one?

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