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the fact that I'm live scoring a cut of Nosferatu in a punk diy space with electric guitar and theremin for a Halloween show is probably a good introduction to who I am. hi!

Having a testicular exam is one of the silliest things a person can experience. It's downright comical in hindsight.

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Oy. Trying to work from home by yourself with a toddler is... something.

By the way, the caption that was supposed to run with this was something along the lines of: Venkman tries to impress Futura with the size of his proton blaster but she's grossed-out by his creep vibes.

Lookin' through some old line-art and found some illustrations that I completely forgot I did. Here's one from a few years ago, for cereal:geek magazine, with Venkman and Futura from The Real . I love that I made Futura look about fifteen years older than she's supposed to. I don't recall if this one ever actually went to print.

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Maybe it could be nice to have a thing like #inktober but for #zines?

Like, the challenge is to make an A6 page (quarter A4) every day, with prompts provided if you need them, and at the end you put them together into a zine and make copies and then folks can trade a lot. :)

Testing some names...

Zinetember 😎
Zinetober <-- TAKEN
Zinecember 🙈

I think what the world needs are about three or four more metadata vocabularies, and another couple of RDF serialization formats.

My 2x4 used as a modulation source in a 2-oscillator AMS/Jack patch:

Woohoo, drivers for my large-format Epson at last!

Hey, Americans! What do you pay for a good bottle of down there these days? I've been in Canada so long that I see a $6.00 beer at the shop and I think "oooh, cheap!"

So... client-side image maps. Remember them?

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Concept: "urban anxious" survival app. Use your phone to find the emptiest bathrooms, the quietest foodcourts and comfiest restaurants.

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#Diary #MrRobot (reading the redwheelbarr0w "episode" - an original canon e-book which was released containing the diary being written by Elliot between Season 1 and Season 2). Found this neat excerpt on page 87.
Download here: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:49fb2474eb03a39b3ab21cf5c3a74a5198ffc1e5
Page excerpt here:
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It's a nootropic from the dark web called FAX SEX. Dude was pitchin' his startup for connectin’ Salesforce to the Internet of Things, then suddenly he's joined an anime club and is droppin’ acid at work.

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lets program a JavaEE hello world app!

first install maven and create your pom.xml. pull down dependencies Hibernate as your JPA provider, then Weld as your CDI provider. Now you'll want to familiarize yourself with the JSF EL expression language. Create your hello world servlet by overriding the doGet method.  We're ready to deploy, we'll need a servlet container. Choose the container you're most familiar with, either JBoss, Glassfish, or Tomcat. Create your deployment profile and generate your WAR file. Deposit the file into the deployments directory, be sure to configure JNDI entry for a JDBC datasource for it. 

I don't remember how I got on the Trump/GOP mailing list – I think I participated in some COP survey last year – but this is has been the extent of the Trump White House's email communications: "Tell us how great Donald Trump is. Now, GIVE US MONEY, PLZ."

Some horrendous (beautiful!) POKEY noise from the sequencer I've been writing: <>

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