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Hey Senior Happy Mutants and retro zine connoisseurs:
Every Issue of bOING bOING (the cyberpunk zine)"boing+boing"%26subject%3A"anarchivism"&sort=titleSorter

Posting a link to this because I just listened to it and I still think it's one of the best things I've ever recorded. But it's hard to find people who are into listening to 20-minute synth romps.

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if my love was a twos complement register value it wuld be negative because its overflowing

Happy Software Freedom Day! On , I'm working ... but I'm working on an for a Big Magazine, using a free operating system () and free graphics package () as I always do.

Google manager: "Our data shows that feature X is only used by 1% of registered users. We are going to drop it."
Google engineer: "But... that's 13 million people. Surely we can afford to maintain feature X for 13 million people."
Google manager: "The usage patterns of the many outweigh the usage needs of the few, or the one. Spock taught us this. Drop the feature."

Gonna start writing raps in Old English and performing them under the name Insular G.

Asked my three-year-old if he wants to go to they library. "No." "Why not?" "THE LIBRARY FUCKS ME!"

Walking home past a blackberry bramble that's just been trimmed back. He's muttering and giggling in the stroller. "What's that you're saying, bud?" "THAT'S A FUCKED BUSH."

Kid's got a new favourite word, I guess.

You've got to be kidding me.

"The President has asked us to reach out to some of our top supporters for a one-question poll, and as one of our best, you've been chosen to participate.

Please take a moment to choose one of the options below to answer the following:

The President's job performance has been...
Thank you for your input, Friend."

I love how if you do a Google image search for a plant, for identification purposes, you will get 10,000 pictures of that plant's foliage, but none will have surrounding context or scale.

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Had a massive sneeze as I was finishing a toot. Struggled hard to finish swiping and press "toot" while my eyes were still closed as if it were time critical. God forbid I wait two seconds

Prepare to have your minds blown. Here's some potatocam video of the bass I made from a discarded 2x4 and a bunch of hardware store parts: <>

And the reason I mention it is because I'm in the kitchen fryin' an egg and I've got spiders dropping onto me and getting webs in my beard. Jerks.

The situation in here at this time of year is out of control. I've got giant house spiders coming in at night and scurrying around the floor, and when I get up in the morning a half-dozen small spiders have spun new webs all over the house that I inevitably clear with my face.

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Ripped the seam in back of my slacks at work!
Fortunately there is an old-fashioned tailor nearby that is sewing them up while I hide in the fitting room.

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