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Anyone know of any vertical shooters (like Raiden, DoDonPachi, Radiant Silvergun, etc.) that have randomly-generated levels? I love the vertical shoot-em-up genre, but I don't love how that kind of game is pretty-much always a memorization-and-execution exercise. I tend to prefer games like Asteroids, or Juno First, or Centipede, where the situation is different every time you play.

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Figured I'd go for a bike ride before it gets hotter. Thermometer on the house said it was only 24C (75 F). Should be no problem! Except... got about 2 miles from home and it was easily 30C. Got about 5 miles from home and it felt like 35C (95F). Ugh.

Glad I went for the ride, though.

Using at work in spite of the full-blown Creative Cloud license that the company is paying for. Because it's just better/faster/lighter for illustration, IMO.

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Thinkin' of doing a little art book of cartoon/comics/SF characters that play or have played at some point.

What in the world is the evolutionary advantage for flies that make such loud, irritating buzzing sounds when they fly? Or is it something that's just never been enough of a disadvantage to be selected against? The fly in the room right now is SO LOUD, and I'm wondering if this dude actually has a leg-up on his peers in the survival game, or if he just has a super-irritating personality.

Just grabbed my eraser and was about to start rubbing the Cintiq. Haven't had one of those moments in a while!

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Because the various Web discussion platforms -- god knows how long they're going to last. All those phpBB forums that came and went in the 2000s -- poof, they're gone! Usenet, on the other hand, that's forever. Anybody can archive it, and Google actively does, so... y'know. Duking it out on Usenet is serious business.

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Y'know what Usenet would still be great for? Call-outs and duels. Like, blogger A writes an article that blogger B takes offense to, so blogger B, rather than posting some shit in the Disqus widget or whatever writes a public response on Usenet and emails blogger A with "I have thrown down the gauntlet in comp.os.xenix -- are you bad enough to battle me there? Or are you a Web weenie?!" ...and then the flamewar ensues.

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Last weekend #Varia held the #plaintext #partyline.

collective thoughts and creations that were made can be seen here:

After using Debian exclusively for 7 years, my new job requires me to use a Mac. Here's my quick take, two weeks into the transition:

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#TIL Another name for PowerPoint is "Microsoft Work Simulator"

According to Google's Ngram viewer, "macOS" overtook "Mac OS" in 2016. But the problem that I've always had with the newer styling is that it looks like it rhymes with "tacos".

Y'know what? I love IMF/MIME.

Sure, it's got line-length limits (thanks, SMTP), and the headers are restricted to US-ASCII ... I admit, it's old and could use a bit of freshening-up. But goddamn it, every company in the world is trying to implement some stupid bespoke JSON format for messaging these days. and they're all weird and incompatible and ALL THE WHILE, there's your good buddy e-mail, being super general-purpose, delivering plain text, rich text, and binary messages FOR DECADES.

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Neofeud is a cyberPUNK game about police murder of minorities, social, racial and economic inequality, and the prison/military/police-industrial complex, made by a poverty-line POC social worker (me!) It's also 70% off now!

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Oh yeah, and here's Donatello in a custom-painted Pedicar. Because... well, he'd be into one of these, wouldn't he?

These are four years old at this point, but I only just saw them a week ago and they're pretty-much the best content that's come out in ages:

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