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#looptober day 4.

Thinking about: non-linear tempo spaces, fold4wrap5, pointalism, hockets, risset rhythms.

Notable DSP: Modal Resonator Filters, Articulatory Synthesis, FDN Waveguide Reverbs.

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Just updated the #fantomesZine website with new borders, a color that matches the zine, and other little style fixes in preparation for listing the pre-orders on there ~

I've always loved Paul Webb's part on "It's My Life". Finally worked it out. It's a tricky one to play while singing, though! (Not that this is great singing or anything, but to even mouth the words in time, y'know?)

I take full credit for the harmonic slide where the synthesizer bend is supposed to go. Woo, fretless!

I'm in a weird KMFDM phase right now. They're one of those bands that I've always liked, but only listened-to occasionally. The past couple weeks though -- every time I want to listen to music, my brain goes KMFDM WOULD BE GOOD RIGHT NOW. PUT THAT ON.

...maybe KMFDM really IS the drug for me!

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Aaaaand all the patching worked. Listening to @snowdusk__ on @SDF and chatting in com! 👋

@KoreusZ Oh, man. Look at that. I'm a ding dong. I've always used Select-> Color Range... from the toolbar. :D

@KoreusZ I'm sure I'm biased because I'm old and I'm accustomed to it, but they're separate tools in Photoshop, in Krita, in every paint program that I can remember using, honestly. Not just in GIMP. I don't think that I fall into the category of FOSSbro or shill, but... I don't see it as a serious UX problem. But, again, I've been using GIMP for ages and have become so accustomed to it that I prefer its UI to Photoshop, Krita, Sketchbook, et al.

@SDF This is not about you! This is about a large corporate publisher, actually.

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Happy failure

(this was meant to be a normal video, but the satellite receiver that we found on the street and have been using since as a media player can't resist from glitching it in this very creative way)

#glitch #glitchart #ffmpeg #sillymachines

@solene If page layout and fonts and bells-and-whistles are a must-have, then PDF is infinitely preferable in this scenario. I happen to think that SVG is great, but its features as a document format are sort-of annihilated by whatever PDF -> SVG conversion you've used here. You can have SVG documents in HTML with selectable text and hyperlinks, but you have to either put them in an <object> tag, or have the SVG document nested inside of the HTML document in an <svg> tag.

I love when people take the time to inquire about your interest in a freelance job and respond with specifics/details after you express interest ...and then ghost you when you ask what they can pay for the work.

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I think I've found a laptop to take with me to Starbucks when it's safe again

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@Moon And it still seems to mar most DC movies. TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY, THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF (make it darker, they're not taking it seriously enough!)

is serious business! Take him seriously! Because costumed vigilantes are not silly, they're very serious subjects for dramatic film!

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Bad nerd joke 

Them: How do you pronounce 'sudo'? Like "sue due" or like "sue doh"?

Me: Huh? Like all good hearted people, I pronounce it like: youtube.com/watch?v=r0qBaBb1Y-

(Inspired by all the wrong responses to this poll: fosstodon.org/@hakerdefo/10681)

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how many cubic metres of physical volume does it require for 1 human to live? at 'modern' standards? including all the space taken up by wheat, warehouses, the interior of their home, roads, the insides of pipes, the height and width and length of all space taken up by the electricity pylons, etc.

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