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Band name of the day:
Thrum's Orgiastic Retinue

Here's a little 4-color fun from last night. 160x192 ( 8-bit res).

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@enkiv2 Ah, thank you for posting a better link to this! Someone posted the photoset last week, but the Tumblr that they linked back to said nothing about the source of the images.

One of my biggest self-criticisms is that on the illustrations that I do for big magazines, I always play very safe with colours – I do everything more-or-less "straight", with simplified natural colour. But in my personal work, I like to work with very limited palettes, and I like to let my hues wander a bit into weird or unnatural places. Just submitted an illustration tonight with colours done the way that I would do them for myself. We'll see how it plays-out!

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"I'm plugging you in
And I'm switching you on;
I'm loading-in a love song,
It won't be long.
My MIDI is waiting
And the DX is at hand;
The 808 is crashing
In this sample wonderland..."

Classic tune, that one.

@Cat I've got a really lo-fi recording of me singing it on my sister's kitchen floor from 15 years ago on a minidisc somewhere. If I run across it, I will necrobump this thread.

@Cat I once wrote a lament for a crashed hard disk of mine. As a result, I have its serial number committed to memory (AFP61962). The tune wasn't half-bad!

If your don't look and taste fried, then they're not doughnuts! They're ..."cake rings" or some other shit. I don't want cake rings!

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@enkiv2 Give it a shot again; I think it's more-or-less working with Mastodon threads now.

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@enkiv2 As I recall, I just had to update the script to do some server-type detection, then change the API endpoints accordingly to pull together Mastodon threads. Looking back at it, I'm half inclined to rewrite it in Python because there are (always) CORS issues when doing it in the browser.

@enkiv2 I more-or-less wrote the GNU social equivalent of that a couple years ago. I should take a look at the ol' thing and see if I can make it work in the Mastodonian age. laemeur.sdf.org/gs/convo

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Did you know SDF is applied to every QWERTY keyboard?

Here's last week's handiwork. I haven't had a drawing table in 15+ years -- but we've had this old badly-painted hand-me-down side table for ~5 years which I've always thought would convert nicely. So, finally, a new bottom deck for some foot room, a hinged top, and a removable computer stand on the side ... kapow! Needs a tray in front and a water/ink stand on the right side, but we're gettin' there.