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Here's a piece I did for The Hollywood Reporter last month. Fun drawing grey-haired Keaton as Batman. Did anyone actually see the Spider-Man movie with Jamie Foxx as Electro, though?

"Gwevyl, son of Gwestad, (on the day that he was sad, he would let one of his lips drop below his waist, while he turned the other like a cap upon his head)" - from the story of Kilhwch and Olwen, in The Mabinogion.

A friend asked for a drawing, giving only "mythology" as a theme. The weirder corners of Arthurian legend seemed like a good place to find a subject.

Thought for a second that it said "NINJA RAMEN", and my inner nine-year-old got really excited. Alas.

I always do the mark of Zorro when I bake a boule, but the lines rarely come out this sharp and evenly-spaced after . Snazzy!

One of the reasons that Links has always been my favorite console Web browser is that it handles <link> tags in HTML files in a usable way. I mean... it's rare that people even use them in a meaningful way, but they should! And Links actually does it right.

I whipped-up this console font browser in bash with fzf, imagemagick, and w3mimgdisplay -- because there's no equivalent tool to xfontsel for generating fontconfig pattern strings. I'll put it up on my GitLab once I choose a name. Right now it's 'fc-browse', which is alright, but I was thinkin', alternatively, 'fcfontsel'. Something better? Whaddya think?

And I'm reminded of this because I just spent a while putting together a new .twmrc, and when I log-in to my computer, I see this.

And I don't want to do anything. I just want to sit there and stare at the empty desktop, the ready shell prompt, and zone the fuck out.

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Okay, this is a little bit of a fake. Yes, I did draw the picture, program the star effect and the scroller and the music playback routine, and I wrote the music – if you wanna call it that – and it does all run on an Atari 800XL – but I never finished putting the graphics and the music together in the same program, so ... video editing to the rescue!

It's always been on my to-do list to do an intro or music-disk, and this is as close as I ever got, but I never finished it. Some day!

Yes. Yes, I did make a 5-foot 1974 Dodge Monaco (-ish) police cruiser out of cardboard for my kid's costume.

'Cause he's a SOUL MAAAAAN...

Here's a T-shirt that I thought the world needed. Go buy one from my shop ($16 -cheap!). But don't buy too many, because I don't actually have enough money in my account to cover the up-front print/ship costs of more than, like, a dozen of 'em.

Gotta have that wire C string, dudes.

(Side note: the "Normalize" plugin in kdenlive sounds more like a Dyson compressor to me? LOUD. )

Oh yeah, I never posted this one on here. Mary Lu, The Champ - track cyclist turned crimefighter with the superhuman ability to sense white-collar crimes in progress. Yeah, she'll dive in your dumpster and report you to the SEC, finance bro. Watch out!

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