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LÆMEUR @laemeur@mastodon.sdf.org

Here's a little 4-color fun from last night. 160x192 ( 8-bit res).

Here's last week's handiwork. I haven't had a drawing table in 15+ years -- but we've had this old badly-painted hand-me-down side table for ~5 years which I've always thought would convert nicely. So, finally, a new bottom deck for some foot room, a hinged top, and a removable computer stand on the side ... kapow! Needs a tray in front and a water/ink stand on the right side, but we're gettin' there.

Animated wallpapers while writing? GREAT IDEA.

Very interesting-looking rig; an Evans & Sutherland Picture System/2, as far as I've been able to ascertain – but I can't find any other pictures of the darned thing!

All this kerfuffle about the new She-Ra... bananas. The new design is great! Y'know, some years back I illustrated a She-Ra story for James Eatock's cereal:geek magazine. A few of the illustrations came out really well. Also, my She-Ra had a little muscle, too.


Rubbed this design onto a block for carving and then realized -- wait, if I'm RUBBING it on, I don't have to reverse it ...gah! Good message to myself, Skelly.

On the topic of Donald Trump cartoons that I drew for entertainment magazines, here's one for the Hollywood Reporter that I did a couple months ago. Composition sort-of sucks, but I thought my draughtsmanship was pretty okay on this one!

Saw these illustrations in an old issue of Byte (in an article about laying-out the mainboard for a homebrew computer), and thought immediately of the attached Aaron Marcus piece ("Evolving Gravity", 1972).

I just enjoy drawing people operating old computers. Sometimes they're ape-people.

Here, Fediverse – enjoy this I did last year:

I use for making art, and it does a great job at that, but when it comes time to share it out to the Web I tend to use to interpolate down to lower resolutions because I prefer their algorithm's processing of line art. Here are some interpolation samples. Which do you prefer?

For a few weeks in 1941, Flash Gordon donned the uniform of the Power Men of Mongo and bore somewhat more than a passing resemblance to Carmine Infantino's redesigned Flash from 1956.

As much as I love VCV Rack, it should be noted that the thing is really a pig. Here's more-or-less the same patch in Rack and SynFactory (two concurrent patches in SF, 'cause each is running on a different MIDI channel and that's how you do it) — two oscillators with envelopes and filters for each, a couple drums, some distortion modules — and the SynFactory patch uses about ~20% CPU while the Rack patch uses... a lot more. I know, I know, SynFactory looks pretty, um ...rustic, but come on now.

First patch trying out VCV Rack and Vult modules. Thank god for this thing. Haven't had this much fun since I left Windows and SynFactory behind some years ago.