I've always loved Paul Webb's part on "It's My Life". Finally worked it out. It's a tricky one to play while singing, though! (Not that this is great singing or anything, but to even mouth the words in time, y'know?)

I take full credit for the harmonic slide where the synthesizer bend is supposed to go. Woo, fretless!

is serious business! Take him seriously! Because costumed vigilantes are not silly, they're very serious subjects for dramatic film!

As some of my fellow owners may know, the keyboard membranes on XL-series computers deteriorate over time and malfunction. For a decade, I have been patching and mending my keyboard membrane with foil tape and conductive paint and all sorts of other crap, and it works... for a while. Until another key stops working 6 months later. :(

So, finally ordered one of these: best-electronics-ca.com/New%20 -- and holy crap. It works. And I don't have this ridiculous patchwork crap in my 800XL anymore!

Here's another fun trick: if you're using an old window manager that doesn't do full-screen windows properly, you can F11 in Firefox or Chromium to hide your tabs and address bar as you would see in full-screen, but the window stays the same size. Nice, chrome-free browsing window!

Thinkin' of doing a little art book of cartoon/comics/SF characters that play or have played at some point.

Oh yeah, and here's Donatello in a custom-painted Pedicar. Because... well, he'd be into one of these, wouldn't he?

Lookin' at my yellowing and thinkin' maybe I oughtta retrobrite it -- then I saw ol' prince Adam on my desk and thought, man, maybe I should retrobrite you too, buddy.

Here's an oldie but a goodie: an anthropoid simian operating a model 15 teletype.

Does anyone know of other with the play mechanics of Time Pilot, Last Mission, etc. -- specifically, overhead-view shooters with 360-degrees of motion where the player's ship moves at a fixed velocity? I really enjoy this style of game, but they're just so darned rare. Might just have to code one!

Oh man. I was lookin' for 20" bikes for my son, and then I remembered this bike that I had when I was a kid. The Huffy Freestyle Expert. This thing was so late-'80s it hurt. What a beast.

Workin' on a character. She's into cappuccino. I've been lookin' at Tsuzuki Kazuhiko's 80s stuff lately -- he was great at making these fantasy barbarian-bikini getups look cute. Thought I'd give it a go in my style. Haha. I actually think this is cute too, but in a completely different way.

This is from a few years ago, but I'm reposting it since Arsenio's been back in the media lately.

Makin' some Sega Genesis music for a project. Will the project ever get finished? Who knows?! With my track record, probably not -- but working on projects sure is fun!

Fartin' around with some stuff tonight.
- Drums and rhythmic synth: homebrew puredata groovebox
- bell and pad synth: ZynAddSubFX
- bass guitar: ...a bass guitar
- routing and recording: Carla, Non-Mixer, Non-Timeline
Finished it off with some reverb and compression in Audacity, and ran it through GxTapeSim to scum it up a bit. Kablooey! '80s synthpop cassette vibes.

This show had a lot of potential. Based on the few episodes that I've seen, I think the writing was pretty good; the effects-heavy battle sequences, though ... sorta boring!

For some reason, this morning I thought of NEOPAINT, which was the first PC paint program I ever really took a liking to when I was a kid. So of course I had to find a copy and fire it up on DOSBox! I'm remembering why I liked it. The UI ain't great ...huge buttons have never made me happy, but it had good tools. And, of course, I never registered it. $45 in 1993?! Haha!

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