Reposting this, 'cause poster prints are now available! 16x20" matte paper, $24 USD. Shipping to North America and Europe is ~$5. Just got my sample print the other day and it looks great., or follow the link on

My friend, ace cartoonist Aaron Florian, asked me to do a couple pieces for a show he’s curating in Victoria, BC. Here’s the second piece. It’s a sort-of ‘80s comic book-style poster for The Star Wars, which, in this alternative universe didn’t get made into a movie but instead went straight to comics with circa-1975 character/ship designs by Ralph McQuarrie and Colin Cantwell.

I’m gonna sell prints of this. I’ll post an update when those are available.

Like this? Try the 2.5D version here: — it's a prototype; this images doesn't handle portrait-mode screens at the moment, but I'm gettin' there.

*plays Taps on the kazoo* Farewell, MAD; farewell, Alfred E. Neuman -- your days of regular publishing may be over, but your stupid is eternal. As is your brand image, which your corporate overlords will half-heartedly exploit for as long as it makes a buck.

On a more serious note, high-five to Bill Morrison, whose 1-year tenure as Executive Editor produced a better MAD than we'd seen in the 20 years prior. Potrzebie, Bill!

I had one of the @livingcomputers staff load the Smalltalk 76 disk pak on the Alto. They didn't know how to get it running, but I figured it out. The manual's on the table, so I read the manual. So. Flippin'. Cool. ...If only I could have remembered how to do anything interesting in ! Hello, @SDF

At the LCM+L ( @livingcomputers ), editing a text file from MULTICS that I originally created via a remote login from Canada. Weehoo! @SDF

Schlocky, I know, but there's level of stupid that one must necessarily descend to when dealing with theological impositions on secular politics.

Here are a couple pages from a comic I did four years ago that never went to print. The protagonist, Andrei, spent most of the issue in his underwear, as I recall.

I was actually pretty happy with this one. One can still take pride in a well-executed illustration of a boring subject!

I love everything about this photo of Claudio Simonetti (aka Kasso).

This piece ran in Esquire magazine last month, and it was a weird one for me to do because I was asked to do a riff on George Akimoto's poster for Slaughter — but I am not a painter. So... I dunno. It came out okay, but looks pretty anemic compared to Akimoto's work.

For the most part, having any kind of cold sucks. HOWEVER, when I have a throat cold, I do enjoy my vocal pitch dropping a couple semitones so that I can amuse myself singin' Lefty Frizzell tunes in my natural register and being able to hit the low notes!

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