"Time out gang! I think it's time we had a talk about eating Tide pods. Look, I know they look Super...man! but eating one could lead to a real Doomsday™!"

@laemeur >Doomsday was actually a manlet. I am not shitting you. He was like this big before they started to gene splice him.

@laemeur Following @HiroProtagonist post is intimidating. But I'll give it a shot. This is what came to my mind looking at that picture.

"At Supe's Diner, we don't just have short and full stacks, we have *super* stacks of pancakes. Served all day! Capes for the little ones that double as bibs. See you soon at Supe's Diner!"

@cstanhope The responses I'm getting on Mastodon are leagues beyond the limp one-liners that Instagram is giving me.

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