There is a huge difference between what my hand does when I'm with traditional media and when I'm using a graphics tablet. With the tablet, I draw *hard*, and I use a response curve that is very responsive at light pressure and relatively "stiff" under high pressure. In the real world though, with pencil and ink, I have a very light touch always. Curious.

@laemeur Perhaps light pen systems would be better if there were some kind of physical feedback for pressure. Hmm...

@xmanmonk As I recall, the main gripe against light pens was that there was a serious fatigue issue when holding a device in front of you to interact with a vertical screen. Touch-screen devices have gotten around that problem by being mostly operated in one's lap or on a tabletop. However, you do raise a good point; Wacom styli have a springiness to their tip, and nibs with different friction/textures are available, because the "slickness" of plastic-on-plastic doesn't work for some people.

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