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LÆMEUR @laemeur

Hey, Americans! What do you pay for a good bottle of down there these days? I've been in Canada so long that I see a $6.00 beer at the shop and I think "oooh, cheap!"

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@laemeur I am not sure I'd pay that much for a bottle of beer, but certainly a pint, if it was good. I think around $4 a bottle is the upper end for me. Unless it is a big bottle, of course.

@laemeur Depends largely on where you buy and what you buy. At the hotel this weekend, they had $1.50 bottles, but it was ll that watery shit.

@xmanmonk I used to pop down to the convenience store and get a 24oz Pyramid IPA for $3.50. On rare occasions, I'd pay, like, $4.50 for something a bit more exotic. Or, if I was broke, I'd get a 6-pack of High Life from my nearest Rite-Aid for $4.25. Ahh... those were the days! The cheapest you can get a six-pack of short cans of beerwater up here is, like, $8.