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LÆMEUR @laemeur

So... client-side image maps. Remember them?

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@laemeur I used to love hunting for the borders to see how hard they tried to get the map to align with the image. Why aren't we using those anymore?

@dbucklin I think the most common use of image maps, back in pre-CSS days, was to do site layouts in Photoshop or whatever so that all of your buttons and graphics looked really nice, then you could just do an image map over the nice-looking image -- but people wanted rollovers. They want buttons and links to change colors when you mouse over 'em, so that means a bunch of discrete <img> assets and event handlers and JS (again, pre-CSS2).

@laemeur I remember a program I'd use to make them that was pirate themed (because map, get it?) and it had a parrot in the middle that you could click on and it would squawk and and say yo what's up