I've been subsisting on freelance illustration for over a decade. In the past six weeks I've had one family member refer to a warehouse job that I had for a couple months as a "real job", and another family member refer to a teaching job that I'll be starting in the fall as a "grown-up job".

What a supportive and empowering culture we have for artists. :|

@laemeur i dont understand that mindset. like are film directors or musicians not a real job. like id get it if they said those are more stable and consistent jobs but not "grown up" or "real"

@neauoire @laemeur "they sail and people donate to them for some reason"

@neauoire Haha. Well, I'm lucky in that my dad thinks that me being an illustrator is about the best thing ever, but unfortunately his understanding of the profession is not shared by all.

@laemeur Making a living from your art is a great achievement, kudos to you!

Don't let those $#*&%! bring you down.


If you're supporting yourself fully, and paying all your own bills, then you've got every right in the world to tell them to shove it.

If not, then they have excellent points.

Just like my grandmother. After 15 years as a professional musician she still askes me whether I will search me a real job...

@x2ero @laemeur i am wondering what would be the exact definition of what people call "real jobs"... having a boss ? doing something that increases the GDP ? :eo_thinking:

@maxime_andre @x2ero Having a salary or fixed hours seem to be big factors. Like, an art director at a magazine has a "real job", but the photographers, designers, and illustrators who actually make the stuff that goes into the magazine don't?

@maxime_andre @x2ero @laemeur I don’t mean to be pedantic when I say, freelance professional artists definitely raise GDP in the countries they work in! Many have bosses as well. 🙂

@laemeur you could have been a consultant and still got exactly the same response

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