Man, I really don't understand the rationale behind Mozilla suddenly deciding to ship with autoscrolling disabled by default. The only people in the world with three-button mice are almost certainly the sort of people who will use middle-button in Firefox to engage autoscroll, right? Am I crazy?

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@laemeur please tell me this is a late april fool's prank

@mjdxp I'm on Firefox 98 and I noticed it earlier in the week, so I don't know when exactly they started doing it, but it's the new normal, apparently. At least it's still an option! They didn't just remove it entirely like Chromium did with caret browsing.

@laemeur I always disable autoscroll, and feel it's a bug and definitely not a feature.

I have a specific setup where mouse scrolling scrolls by an accelerated number of stops.

@chance Hmm, I'm not understanding what you're describing. How does autoscroll interfere-with or break your specific setup? What do you use your middle button for?

@laemeur Middle button is for opening a link in a new tab.

I almost always open links in new tabs, and never want autoscroll. If autoscroll was ever engaged, it was always an accident.

Autoscrolling doesn't interfere with my scroll wheel setup; its just useless and annoying at very best. This setup gets me very specific, optimized scrolling that I like and is more conducive to reading.

@laemeur I tried autoscroll once and dismissed it immediately. It was like being a dog on a leash. Or like trying to use cruise control in heavy traffic. I spent all my time adjusting the speed.

But I get your point. They took the option away for people who liked it. Why?

@ericphelps Based on the replies I'm getting, because most people who try it hate it! :D

@ericphelps Also, Mozilla probably has petabytes of telemetry showing them that within minutes of trying Firefox for the first time and encountering features that are different from Chrome's, new users stop using Firefox and never come back. Mozilla's in a horrible position, trying to convert Chrome users but seeing that Chrome users won't tolerate anything other than the Chrome way of doing things.

@laemeur just disabled not removed? Is it simple to enable it? I hate autoscroll and feel like the majority of people would disable it.

@jawsh Yep, just disabled, and you only have to turn it back on in preferences. Of course, it WAS turned on --for years--, so Mozilla had to push out an update that overwrote peoples' preferences to disable it and that's where it became confusing because I thought something was broken. Easy fix, but every user who actually likes autoscroll will probably be confused like I was for a few minutes about why it isn't working. Oh well!

@laemeur well, at least it's still there for those who use it.

@laemeur Another data point. I dislike auto scroll modes with a passion, it is one of those little things which anger me up when I use windows(not only do I have to deal with windows braindead copy paste scheme, when I do try to paste I end up in a worse than useless autoscroll mode. * )

If curious, mouse button three is to paste(see also: how to identify an X11 user). I tolerate middle click new tab because it is useful and does not interfere with middle-click paste.

* Hyperbolic position taken for comedic effect, windows copy and paste is not actually that bad. I do however accidentally end up in autoscroll mode far too often.

@ephemeris Hm. I am an X11 user who uses middle-click for paste -- and autoscroll does not come on when I middle-click-paste in <textarea>, <input>, or other input-capable elements.

@laemeur yeah, it is a conflict between windows which does not do middle click paste and my muscle memory which desperately wants it.

auto-scroll just got stuck in the middle as the default keybind.

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