Just as a sort-of coda to this cartoon: I did actually do it on the new Mac hardware. I used to do the drawing. No, it doesn't have that buttery-smooth line that Gimp's ink tool does, but then nothing else I've tried does either, so... Anyway, then I cooked-up a new vectorization script on the Mac (two passes through merged with then run through -- thank goodness for Homebrew!) and colored it in -- except Inkscape doesn't run on Big Sur, so...

...I ended-up running Inkscape on my Debian machine -- but did the coloring on the Mac via a remote X session. 'Cause that's how you do it when you're a fuckin' nerd, folks!

@textbook I wondered about that -- I tried to look at the picture on Tusky and the high-res picture would not load, so the text was unreadable. Could you tell me if you were using the Web client or an app?

Here's the the SVG version if you want to have another (readable) look: alph.laemeur.com/img/L/4U.html


was quite likely using the Fedilab app on Android, but not sure. Could also have been FF on Win10.

However, now everything works quite fine. Guess, the rendering machine was too loaded to climb up to readable level.

Thanks for assisting. :)

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