@laemeur It's what led up to it. A screaming kid is that way because the parents trained the kid to scream to get what they want. Children who don't understand that some things can't be achieved through screaming don't make good adults. Just hope the kids will learn rules at school or from some other adult -- the "why do they behave at your house" situation.

If you don't establish rules early, every attempt to do it later will make you look like a tyrant. Like this cartoon.

@ericphelps ...Okay! Thanks, Dr. Philps. Allow me to share some of my experise, too: this is what's called a HUMOROUS CARTOON. This did not actually happen. I don't shout insane stuff like this at my kids -- because I'm not insane -- but for many of us, this is funny because we have wanted to. These aren't my kids, either. Yeah, my son creates some drama about dinner sometimes, and my 3-year-old did scream I WANT NOODLES the other day, but, y'know, she's three. She's tryin' shit out.

@ericphelps So, again, just so we're clear: this is not a documentary on my parenting style, or a cry for help, or a solicitation for parenting advice -- this is what we in the trade call a "gag": a relatable-but-absurd scenario played for laughs.

Thanks for the strip! Every time I look at the middle panel, I recall my kids in the kitchen and laugh.

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